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Our personal motto is that weddings are not a job to us....they are our passion. Think of us as friends you haven’t met yet....we’ll be delighted to make your wedding dreams come true.


Fourteen years ago, a beautiful friendship was born. A friendship that would in turn lead to the creation of a warm & successful partnership, and the beginning of MOMENTS WEDDINGS & EVENTS. As if fate were bringing us together, we first met quite by chance on our very first day in Greece, after coming from two different parts of our native Germany. With much in common, we shared some wonderful times living & working in many different parts of Greece & the Greek islands until we finally decided that something amazing was waiting out there for us. 

And that we had what it takes to make our ultimate dream come create & plan out-of-this-world destination weddings in the beautiful country which we now called home. And so without further ado our exciting business plan was hatched...while chatting over the phone! People called us crazy but we knew our destiny was calling us and we poured our heart & soul into our new venture. With hard work came success & along the way also came supportive new husbands, who by an amazing coincidence happen to share the same surname & birthday! Another sign of our ultimate compatibility perhaps?! What we are sure of is that throughout our years of experience we’ve learned that with hard work & dedication it is possible to achieve perfection but more importantly that the real magic ingredient when planning the perfect wedding is to feel a true connection with our couples & to go the extra mile to create a warm, lasting bond with them. As a team we are professional, stylish, energetic & passionate about what we do. And always ready for a new, fun challenge! A classic example being the step challenge we took up, armed with our pedometers, to prove just how many steps we actually take at every wedding we attend.....even we were amazed at the final reading! An Olympic walker couldn’t have done better! 

Moments is a certified wedding planner registered in Greece with VAT number EL800653800 & officially licensed by the Greek Ministry of Tourism with licence number 1041E60000076701.